The desktop PC was a big change, not least because it brought us word processing and the spreadsheet. The Internet was arguably a larger change still. But neither of these technology waves is likely to be as large as any of the seven waves of change we are beginning to witness:

  • IoT
  • AI
  • Blockchain
  • Security 2.0
  • The API economy
  • Digital experience
  • The deconstructed job

There are other technology shifts that are major enough (software-defined everything, for instance), but that don’t change the feel or nature of daily life the way the above will. There are some I’m tucking into the categories above (robotics, to take one, which I place in IoT) that others would tend to let stand on their own. Slice how you will, though, the seven waves are major change agents, the moreso because they are crashing in on us all at once.