Hi, i’m robert richardson 


Content marketing and SEO

I was Editorial Director for Security Media at TechTarget.com and, before that, Editorial Director at the Black Hat conference. I launched IoTAgenda.com. We can nail your content starting today. Scroll down to learn more.

Category Smashing

I wrote a book on the basics of content marketing specifically for security’s marketing professionals. Like a copy? Learn more about the book and request a free copy.

10Keywords Newsletter and Blog

Each week, I hunt up ten security-related keywords that would make for good content–they’re current, they have good search volume, and the chances for ranking are good. 

sharper content

I create content that increases inbound leads for tech companies, mostly security vendors, some startups, some large and well established.

Content means content strategy and search engine optimization (SEO). Deliverables are blog entries, videos, eBooks, podcasts, online tools and apps. 


Blog Articles

I help translate technical ideas into posts that advance your marketing strategy while bringing value to your readers.

SEO Strategy

I learned SEO while an Editorial Director at TechTarget. They rank in the top 10 for 37,000 B2B technology keywords. 


Monthly reporting

Ongoing clients receive a detailed monthly accounting tracking such things as top-ranking keywords, backlinks, suggested tweaks to existing pages, and more.

Inbound Strategy

For clients who’d like the help, I manage pay-per-click (PPC) and any other needed aspects of inbound campaigns.

Custom Keyword Tool

Ongoing clients get access to a keyword database custom tailored to their niche and solely to security industry keywords.

Creative in General

I’ve produced eBooks, podcasts, and online videos since the dawn of Internet Time (or something like that).

Let’s take your digital content marketing to the next level.

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i have twenty years of experience writing about security. 

I was a c programmer before that.

I get the technical stuff right.  Including seo and ppc.

Increase Conversion Rates

Most clients say inbound requests from  their websites are by far the hottest leads they get. You can grow overall traffic, but that’s a longer-term project. Right off the bat, you’ve got to increase the percentage of visitors who raise their hand.

Reduce Bounce Rate

If readers find your content page doesn’t provide what they are looking for, they are gone. And your ranking in Google search results will suffer as a result. Draw readers in and keep them on page…

Drive More Traffic

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 There’s a good (if sobering) article in the Atlantic Monthly that looks at best-case through worst-case scenarios for when things might return to something like normal after the Coronavirus pandemic. While the best-case scenario (two or three months) can’t be ruled...

Cybersecurity SEO Marketing

Cybersecurity SEO Marketing

People tend to think they “get” why SEO is important. This leads them to believe that if they want to be first in the Google results for “security awareness training”, they should write lots of pages that use the phrase “security awareness training” all the time. But...

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