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Technology Analytics for Insights and Innovation.

A Best Practice in Technology Management.   Whether you call it innovation planning or technology assessment with technology analytics or technology forecasting or patent mapping or science modeling or competitive technical intelligence or just good R&D planning, it is a best management practice. They all start with a collection of patents or papers and build a landscape that shows how the tools, materials, testing and processes are used to solve problems and build products. Pictures and graphs tell the tale to both technical and non-technical managers!

The Secret.   The use of patent or science mapping, technology analytics and simple data-mining and visualizations to assist managers in R&D planning decisions, technical acquisitions and to back up traditional marketing research is one of the best kept secrets on the planet.

Competitive Advantage.   Only a few organizations use the methods at all. A very few enlightened organizations use the tools regularly as part of their normal business practices. For the enlightened few, technology analytics, simple data-mining and mapping visualizations are a best practice that gives them unique insights and competitive advantages.

Didn't Know!   The most frequent excuse for many senior managers for NOT using patent mapping, science mapping, analytics, data-mining and advanced visualizations in their decision making was that they didn't know it could be done. To solve this problem, provides access to selected analyses of biomedical or related areas to show what can be done.

We already have the tools.   Another barrier for some new users of science modeling, patent mapping, technology analytics and data-mining is that it costs too much. The cost of a consultant is high. The cost for specialized software or web-based access to cloud computing software is also high. They must be. BUT ... in reality, most of the tools we need for a good, useful, focused technology analysis with good technology analytics are already on our desktop computers -- Excel, Access, Word (sometimes) and PowerPoint.

Be inspired. DIY!   It is an aim of this website to inspire you to use do-it-yourself technology analytics and do-it-yourself technology analysis to facilitate your R&D planning decisions, project management decisions, technical acquisition decisions and to back-up your traditional marketing methods.

ETI believes better decisions result from better information. We believe that DIY-TA is the way!

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